Classroom Alert!
UPDATED: JUNE 22, 2012

Nov. 29, 2012
High School Schedule Change Questioned by Watchdog
In my comments to the Board at the October 2012 meeting, I asked the following questions:
  • Was the high school schedule changed last year to reduce costs, even though that would (supposedly) cause the science and math programs to suffer---as the Board and Superintendent told the public before the May 2011 levy?  Or was the high school schedule changed last year "to implement a professional development ‘pilot’” program--as the high school principal said on the District’s website only two months ago?
  • Specifically, how did the change in the high school schedule last year negatively impact the science and math programs?
(Brecksville Magazine/Broadview Journal, in its Oct. 2012 issue, misquoted me as saying:  “Did changes in the math and science schedule impact science and math courses?”    DUH?! )
To read my comments in full, go here.

School Board Allows Commercial Advertisers and Special Interest Groups
Bypass Parents to Gain Direct Access to Schoolchildren
updated: Aug. 14, 2008   
During its July 23, 2007 meeting, the Board adopted an advertising and special interest groups policy that gives unelected school officials the authority to decide which advertisers and which special interest groups can bypass parents and have direct access to our schoolchildren in order to  "arouse {in our students} a desire to buy, use, or patronize" a particular product, service, or business, and for the purpose of "promoting the interests of" special interest groups.   (The national pro-homosexual political activist group GLSEN-Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Education Network--could be considered a "special interest group". Under the approved advertising/special interest groups policy, GLSEN could bipass parents and have direct access to our children by providing educational materials for the School Counseling Course of Study.)

Detrimental Grade Scale
updated:  June 4, 2009
Last year, Dr. Calevich, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, received at least 150 calls and e-mails from parents indicating they want the district to change our elevated grade scale to the standard grade scale because research shows that an elevated grade scale puts their children at a disadvantage for college admissions and merit scholarships. At its May 18, 2009 meeting, the Board approved an elevated grade scale anyway.

Invented Math
update: 04/23/08
Do you think that our elementary schoolchildren should be taught how to add and subtract using a pencil and paper?

I would think (and hope) that common sense would tell us: Of course children should learn how to add and subtract using a pencil and paper!

I am sounding the alarm because an experimental and highly criticized method of teaching mathematics is being used on our schoolchildren. That method is called "Everyday Math," which, in my opinion, should be called "Every Which-Way Math."