Beware of the Dog
School officials should know the Watchdog will bark if they speak words that lull the public to sleep.


With regard to a proposed bullying policy, then board vice-president, Mr. Balasko said during the Nov. 17, 2008 board meeting:  "I looked at the Ohio Revise Code that specifically covers this {bullying} policy.  And I think you've {Dr. Carla Calevich} done a fine job of covering, and as Terri {Neff} said, going beyond the requirements of the Ohio Revised Code in this policy.  So that part was done very, very well."

You might think that based on Mr. Balasko's comments, and the Board's indication that it would be adopting that policy at its next meeting, that the bullying policy would be in compliance with Ohio law by offering protection from bullying to "any student," not just those students who belong to a singled out minority group.  RRufff! (Translation:  Wake Up!)

In the November 29, 2008 edition of the Sun Courier, Renee Engelhart (the Watchdog) alerts the public that "The BBH proposed policy may actually contravene Ohio law by strictly limiting acts of bullying to those acts that are "motivated by" some "distinguishing characteristic" such as race, color, disability, and "sexual orientation, gender identity and expression."  go

Superintendent Diringer, during the Dec. 17, 2008 board meeting said of his originally proposed bullying policy:  "Formatting (the language) of the original draft suggested (required) that all bulleted criteria would have to be met in order for there to be a violation of the policy.  That would be inconsistent with Ohio Revised Code."  So, the bulleted point that defines bullying as acts "motivated by" some "distinguishing characteristic" was removed from the proposed policy.


July, 2007
In his October 13, 2005 letter to the Editor of the Sun Courier, Mr. Scheufler wrote, "on behalf of the Brecksville-Broadview Heights Board of Education," a response to Renee Engelhart's Oct. 6th letter to the same Editor regarding advertising in our schools.  In his letter, Mr. Scheufler made the following statements:

"It is the Board's responsibility to diligently review" proposed policies, and that the Board was considering then Superintendent Farnsworth's proposed "policy on relations with special interest groups that would include advertisers."

"We will develop a policy that reflects the standards of our community."

"We all agree that now is the time (emphasis added) to develop a comprehensive policy that will allow the board to set the advertising standard." 

TWENTY months later, during its July 23, 2007 meeting, the Board adopted a Special Interest Groups and Advertising policy.

Based on Mr. Scheufler's remarks, you might think that the Board put a lot of thought and reasoning into its decision to adopt policies that, among other things, provides corporations and other special interest groups direct access to our children while they are at school.  You might think that before the Board adopted such policies it would have discussed, deliberated on, or asked even one question about those policies. You might think its okay to go to sleep.  RRuff !!  (Translation:  Wake Up!)  go...

Based on Mr. Scheufler's remarks, you might think that the Board wouldn't adopt policies that, based on the results of it's own public opinion polls, half of our community would oppose.  You might think it's okay to go to sleep. RRufff (Translation:  Wake Up!) go... 

So, let's now take a look at what the Board unanimously agreed to set as, what Mr. Scheufler said would be, "the advertising standard."  go... 


Mr. Scheufler:  "The results (of public feedback) have been mixed, with some residents opposed to advertising and others favoring it as a new, but modest, revenue source."--Sun Courier, Letter to the Editor, October 13, 2005

Key Notes:  "Some districts allow signage around their football field or in their gymnasiums..." which "generates a small amount of revenue."--September 14, 2005

You might think from Mr. Scheufler's remarks and the School Board's Key Notes communication to the public, that the School Board would be interested in corporate advertising as only a modest source of revenue.  You might think the school district might not become dependent on receiving money from commercial advertisers who want to manipulate our schoolchildren.  You might think it's ok to go to sleep.  Rrrrrufff!  (Translation:  "Wake up!")    more...


Mr. Scheufler:  "Farnsworth informed us that our district has been recently approached by several local companies and one national corporation that would like to pay for the right to advertise at district sporting events."--Sun Courier, Letter to the Editor, October 13, 2005

Based on Mr. Scheufler's assertion, you might think advertising would be limited to only "several" local companies and "one" national company.  You might think advertising would be limited to sporting events.  Based on his remarks, you might think it's ok to go to sleep.   Rrrrruff!!  (Translation:  "Wake up!")  more...


Mr. Scheufler:  "The other board members and I are concerned that the previous letter (Renee Engelhart's letter to the Editor) gave an incorrect and unfair assessment of our intentions and efforts."--Sun Courier, Letter to the Editor, October 13, 2005

Mr. Scheufler, everything I wrote is true.    GO..      


Mr. Farnsworth:  "The health of our children is uppermost in all of our minds and we intend to keep that as a top priority."--responding to my comments to the Board, urging them to stop encouraging our students to consume pop and junk food while they are in school. February 27, 2006

From this remark, you might think that Mr. Farnsworth attaches a high priority to the health of our students.  You might think Mr. Farnsworth recognizes the inappropriateness of having a school encourage students to indulge in unhealthy eating habits by making junk food so readily available. You might think it's ok to go to sleep.  Rrrruff!  (Translation:  "Wake Up!")  more...


Mr. Farnsworth:  "We believe they (vending machines) are too prolific and do need to be cut back in our schools." --responding to my public comments to the Board urging them to eliminate the sales of pop and junk food to our students, February 27, 2006

From this remark, you might think that Mr. Farnsworth is concerned about our schoolchildren's consumption of junk food and pop that the school provides for them. You might think he would be opposed to entering into a 10-year commitment with a pop supplier that wants access to our students. You might think it's ok to go to sleep. Rrrrruff! (Translation: "Wake up!") more...