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*Note of advice:  If you would like all the Board members to know your concerns or comments, I suggest you address the Board during a public Board meeting.  Very few public concerns are shared among the Board members at Board meetings. 


Next REGULAR Board Meeting:  Mon., June 24, 2013 (7:00 pm) at Education Center
The public can address the Board only during REGULAR meetings.

Mr. Scot Prebles, Superintendent (440-740-4010) prebless@bbhcsd.org

Mr. David Tryon, President (440-526-5355)  tryond@bbhcsd.org

Mr. Mark Jantzen, Vice-President (440-526-8118) jantzenm@bbhcsd.org

Mr. Mark Dosen, (440-546-1883)  dosenm@bbhcsd.org

Mrs. Kathleen Mack, (440-740-0715) mackk@bbhcsd.org
Mr. Michael Ziegler, (440-546=9987) zieglerm@bbhcsd.org

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