August 14, 2008--The Sun Courier published the following:

To the Editor:

The Brecksville-Broadview Heights School Board again has decided to influence our impressionable children into accepting homosexuality, a behavior that challenges the very core of traditional family values. Just eight months ago, public pressure stopped the Board from adopting a policy that offered protection from bullying to students who engage in homosexual and cross-dressing behavior while not offering equal protection to students who might object to such behavior. (go) 

How quickly the Board either forgets or ignores the public outrage against its attempt to impose non-conventional values on our children.

Just last month, the Board introduced similar language about "sexual orientation" into its Crisis Intervention Guidelines (#8410) (go) developed by Superintendent Thomas Diringer. The guidelines rightly state that schools should "treat students with equal respect," but then wrongly singles out "sexual orientation."

Certainly, all students should be treated with respect. There is no purpose in setting a precedent for all school policy by listing "sexual orientation" alongside constitutionally-protected groups unless the Board wants to legitimize homosexuality as an acceptable behavior.

Allowing "sexual orientation" to be included in a list with race, religion, and disability, as a classification of students who should be treated fairly, insidiously places greater value on the fair treatment of students who engage in homosexual behavior than on students who might object to that behavior. It implies that it is wrong to oppose homosexuality, and in this particular policy, it implies that doing so creates an unsafe school that could incite a violent "crisis."

Circumventing public input and scrutiny, the Board accepted these guidelines, which promote acceptance of homosexuality, without any public deliberation. The school board watchdog had to sniff around to uncover the fact that these guidelines were just quietly published on the school board’s website on July 31.

Tell the Board (440-740-4000) go not to inject unconventional values into our schoolchildren. The Board should remove any reference to "sexual orientation" as a classification of schoolchildren from school policy.

Renee Engelhart—publisher of

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